President’s Award: New scholarship for Human Rights students at FAU

Bild zweier Sudierender auf der Treppe im Kollegienhaus

In the academic year 2024/25, FAU’s President’s Welcome Award will for the first time be awarded to incoming students of the M.A. Human Rights as well as PhD candidates in human rights.

The award, an initiative of university president Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger, includes one year of free housing in the new apartment complex “The Brucklyn“ in Erlangen, starting from October 2024. It also covers the semester fees for these two semesters (but not the tuition fees!), a free German language course and general support with getting settled in Erlangen and at FAU. In addition, FAU’s president Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger will welcome the candidates and share advice and guidance regarding their research journey.

The recipients of the award are expected to act as “FAU ambassadors”, sharing their experiences of working at FAU and living in Erlangen (and Bavaria). This could be through a personal blog, a podcast, a small video series (e.g. on YouTube or TikTok), or other creative outlets such as writing poems, creating a photo collage or mixing several channels.

More information on the award as well as its history is available on the university website.

How to apply?

You are from abroad and

  • are about to start your Human Rights Master’s program at FAU in winter semester 2024/25, OR
  • working at FAU as doctoral candidate for human rights research for at least another year, OR
  • have a confirmation to start working as doctoral candidate for human rights research at FAU?

Then write a short motivation letter (approx. one page) why YOU are the candidate that will best contribute to FAU’s human rights research. Also, explain the way in which you are going to act as an ambassador for FAU and share this year (your work at FAU, living in Erlangen/Bavaria) with others. Send your letter of motivation to

Application ends on May 31, 2024.

Together with FAU president Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger the human rights research team will choose six winners.